Smiles All Around

This year on our trip to the Lomerío, we took some children’s toothbrushes and small tubes of toothpaste – 225 to be exact. They may seem like odd items to pack, but thanks to a generous dentist from Poland, Ohio, we were able to meet yet another social need for the children from this rural region.

Oftentimes a toothbrush is a throwaway item here in the United States; you get a free one (or two, or three) when you make a trip to the dentist. But in Bolivia, many children never even see a toothbrush, let alone have one to call their own.

Because this one dentist had a desire to share his love for people he never met, 225 children were blessed to have a simple instrument to keep their teeth healthy. We praise God for connecting us and enabling us to take  the toothbrushes and toothpaste with us on our already scheduled mission trip.

The Lord provides each of us with resources to manage and use well. When we do, our work is a form of worship. We bless others and show them what God’s love is like. In turn, we also are blessed.

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