Nathan & Kathy Ramsey

Nathan & Kathy Ramsey

Nathan and Kathy 2


Nathan and Kathy Ramsey moved from Florida to Dubois, Pennsylvania in 2006 to join LATCOM fulltime. As missionaries with LATCOM, they serve in the area of Partner Development.  Much of their work with LATCOM entails extensive travel, both in the United States and in Bolivia. As assistant to John Lytle, Director of Partner Development for LATCOM, Nathan’s duties include:

  • Connecting with Bolivian leaders and missionaries to determine their needs and resources, the scope of work, timelines and objectives, extent of training as well as whether STMT (Short Term Mission Trips) are a viable option and what extent of involvement is necessary.
  • Developing both projects and the funding necessary to sustain those projects for both LATCOM and EPLABOL and broadening and strengthening the network of partners to facilitate those projects.
  • Connecting with churches, organizations, and individuals to increase awareness of the many ministries and missionaries of both missions, both in person and through the phone and emails.

Nathan speaks Spanish fluently and is a citizen of both the USA and Bolivia, which greatly facilitates him in his role of Partner Development.

When not accompanying Nathan on his trips, Kathy works as a medical courier. Kathy enjoys quilting and crafting, and has conducted several sewing classes with the women in the Lomerio region, as a part of the REDES project.

Their family has grown over the last two years. Jessica is married to Stephen Morse and they are both D.O.s (Doctors of Osteopathy) and are in their 2nd year of residency in Ft Wayne, Indiana.

Nathan married Sherri Muirhead (newest addition) September 26, 2014 and they both live in DuBois, PA. Nate works for UPS and in landscaping, while Sherri is currently an assistant manager-in-training for a restaurant chain.

Kati Ramsey is currently stationed at Hickam Air Force Base in O’ahu, Hawaii. She is in the HARM program (Host Aviation Resource Management). She has recently found a church home and has bought a car. She was home for the wedding.


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