Remembering Chuck – A Testimony From Vico and Sandra

God gave us the privilege of knowing a unique and marvelous servant, known by many as ‘Don Carlitos’ or simply Mr. Charles – who definitively marked our lives through his example in many ways. Spending time with him was like seeing the light of the Lord reflected in his life, his actions, his words, and his total dedication toward others. You only had to say one word and he would end up talking with you about the Lord. 


017Lighting the way for others isn’t an easy task. How beautiful it would be if we lit the way for others as Chuck did, without determining whether we need it or not! If we all were to be that light, the entire world would be illuminated and would shine every day with a brighter intensity as he did. Thanks to God, we were able to share many great experiences that remain in our memory and are engraved on our hearts for eternity. We learned great lessons on life that today help us to overcome the obstacles or difficulties we face. We learned also to give without expecting anything in return. Most importantly we learned to love, no matter what.

Our Lord gave us one of the best and most important gifts of our life through ‘Don Carlitos’. We miss him, but we remember him each day for all that he taught us, which were great things that marked our lives. We know that he is in the place where he wanted to be, and we can imagine what it is like for Chuck to be in His presence. His smile must be much greater, and he can sing to the Lord all the songs he wrong for Him.

There is something that Chuck did in every instant of his life that wasn’t easy – he loved the Lord with all his heart and soul and with all his strength. 

Thank you, Chuck. We will love you and remember you always.

Vico and Sandra

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