Monte Blanco on Mundo Cristiano Latinoamérica

Monte Blanco was featured on CBN’s Spanish network! Please share this news story with all of you friends! Or watch it in English at  

Monte Blanco makes the news!

Colegio El Cedro from Trinidad

Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), a network well-known for hosting the 700 Club, recently ran a news story about Monte Blanco Camp and Conference Center. You can see the story at Monte Blanco: Transforming Lives in Bolivia. Please like this news story and share it with your friends! 

Reagle Mission Trip

Where to begin?  I am at a loss for words, and have been since shortly after our arrival.  My thoughts and emotions rush and tangle within each other to the point where I cannot put together a coherent sentence.  To say that this trip has changed my perspective, to say …

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Smiles All Around

This year on our trip to the Lomerío, we took some children’s toothbrushes and small tubes of toothpaste – 225 to be exact. They may seem like odd items to pack, but thanks to a generous dentist from Poland, Ohio, we were able to meet yet another social need for …

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